U. S. Martial Arts is a school where Traditional Tae Kwon Do is taught, and dedication to the Tae Kwon Do philosphy is maintained.

    With physical improvement and self-defense training, our classes also promote confidence, focus and self control. We provide students with the highest quality martial arts instruction available in a positive and safe learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy.

   At U. S. Martial Arts,  it is our goal to provide our students with a program that promotes physical and mental health that will benefit them throughout their lives. We want our students to be successful inside and outside of the dojang.

   Training in Tae Kwon Do can help people of any age or fitness level to develop better exercise and daily habits, build strength and stamina, develop flexibility, and encourage self confidence. All of these assets will prove to be invaluable throughout a lifetime.

   Grand Master M. P. Kim, is the founder of U. S. Martial Arts.  He is a celebrated master of Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do and traditional weapons.  He also holds a Doctorate in acpuncture and studied physical education at C. A. University in seoul, Korea.  Master Kim began his study of martial arts as a small child under Grand Master Y. I. Park and continued his training  throughout college.  Master Kim has been a Tae Kwon Do Korean National Champion, and a All Comers Champion of Hap Ki Do and weapons.

   Master Kim is a former president of the Wha Rang Kwon Association in Seoul, Korea and has been president of the Virginia State Tae Kwon Do Association.  With over 40 years of teaching experience, Master Kim has been an instructor for the Korean Air Force Police and has graduated more than 800 students to the level of Black Belt  in his schools in Korea and the United States.

   Master Kim is also active in Natonal and International events, and holds the title of International Referee.    

Master Instructor:

   Master Instructor Mary Lewis is a 6th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 3rd degree black belt in Hai Dong Gum Do(Korean swordsmanship) and has over 25 years of teaching experience in Tae Kwon Do and weapons. 

   At U. S. Martial Arts, Master Instructor Mary Lewis not only emphasize the kicking (Tae) and punching (Kwon), but also the art (Do) aspects of training. 

    The physical benefits of self defense training are increased stamina, weight loss and flexibility.  The mental benefits are decreased stress levels, self control, self discipline, and increases in confidence and respect. 
   We believe that by balancing the physical and mental aspects of training, students will get the most out their time at U. S. Martial Arts.