Monday & Wednesday

6:15-7:00 PM  Beginners
7:00-7:50 PM  Intermediate 

7:50-8:40 PM  Advanced


6:15-7-15 PM Beginners/ Children's sparring 

7:20-8:20 PM Advancd/
Adult sparring 

   Our Program for children is designed to teach younger children key life skills that enhance their development as an individual. These skills center on Focus, Self-Control, Respect, Courtesy, Discipline, Physical Fitness and Positive Attitude. Qualified instructors work with your child to help them become successful.

   Our pre-teen and teen program is well suited to the growing adolescent who is developing additional skills to help in everyday life.  More focus is placed on dealing with issues such as Peer Pressure, Positive Attitude, Teamwork, developing and controlling a Spirit of Competition, Cooperation, Respect, Goal-Setting, Focus, Memory, and Trust.
   Our Adult Program is a welcome alternative to the many diet-aid, escape from stress programs advertised today. Tae Kwon Do offers an excellent alternative to those types of programs.

   Martial arts is not only physical and self-defense training.  It offers a variety of benefits, such as weight loss, muscle toning, stress relief, increased flexibility, and improved health.

   Regular physical activity improves the physical and mental well-being of anyone, young or old.  Improved physical capacity and stamina can help one carry out everyday tasks with renewed energy and peace of mind.

   Our programs are also socially rewarding in that other class members share your goals of maintaining a fit and healthy body in a fun and spirited way.